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Grow Herbs Indoors And Out With This Stylish Pipe Garden

Grow your own art.

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3 1-foot long, ½-inch PVC pipes

1 PVC pipe cutter, capable of cutting ½-inch pipes

11 ½-inch PVC pipe elbows, 90-degrees

2 ½-inch PVC crosses

1 round broach valve

1 ½-inch bronze 90-degree drop ear elbow

Super glue

1 can of black spray paint
1 can of gold metallic spray paint

1 plastic bag

4 long nails or screws


Your choice of herbs or plants with short and narrow roots


1. Using the PVC pipe cutter, cut one of the 1-foot long, ½-inch PVC pipes into three 4-inch pieces.

2. Cut another one of the foot-long pipes into six 2-inch pieces.

3. Cut the last foot-long pipe into three 1-inch pieces, and put the extra piping to the side to use as back up.

4. Connect the ½-inch PVC pipe pieces with the pipe elbows and crosses in whatever design you prefer.

5. Attach bronze drop ear elbow using super glue, let dry.

6. Attach round broach valve using super glue, let dry.

7. Take your pipe garden outside and lay it on a tarp in the sun.

8. Spray paint the front of the finished shape with black spray paint, then let it dry for 20-25 minutes.

9. Flip it over and spray paint the backside, then let it dry for 20-25 minutes.

10. Accent the black piping with gold metallic spray paint (optional) by taking a plastic bag, spraying it down with paint, and using the plastic to texturize and distress the pipes.

11. Let the entire thing dry for another 20-25 minutes.

12. Mount the pipe garden on a wall by placing two long nails or screws below each side of both PVC crosses so that the weight of the garden rests on the nails.

13. Take the herbs from the bottom of their roots and place them into the holes provided by the PVC pipe elbows.

14. Pack with soil.

15. Use a spray bottle to water your herbs as necessary.

Adapted from Craft Bits

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