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12 Ways Your Body Feels When You Have Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season gives you all the wrong kind of feels. End your seasonal suffering with REACTINE®.

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1. Your head literally feels like it's swimming in its own mucus.


2. Every time you sneeze you are legitimately afraid that you might just blow down the walls in your apartment.

''Bless you...for not blowing down the walls this time.''

3. Pollen is basically wreaking havoc over your entire immune system 24/7.


4. Your throat feels like it's actually made of cactus with hundreds of itchy spines.

"Cactus wrapped in razor-wire that's been set on fire, to be exact."

5. Even when you aren't blowing your nose, the mountain of tissues feels like it's out to get you.


6. Sometimes you wish you could just ditch your nose and kick your sniffles into oblivion.

"I haven't been able to smell anything in weeks anyway, and I ran out of tissues, so #sorrynotsorry."

7. As you go about your day, your eyeballs burn and burn until they're little red cinders in your skull.

"Mayday! Mayday!"

8. And all the "beautiful spring flowers" are literally beating up your system.

"I did not train for this. I did not ask for this."

9. Your sinuses genuinely feel like they are going to explode on a daily basis.

"If I blow my nose, is my nose going to explode? If I don't blow my nose, is my nose going to explode?"

10. And you begin to feel like you're a danger to yourself and everything around you.

"My sneezing can be violent. You've been warned."

11. For days on end, your nose causes you so much angst that you're ready to throw it away.


12. In short, when those high pollen days arrive, you're wrecked.

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