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13 Things Allergy Sufferers Need You To Understand Right Now

Educate *achooo!!* yourself. With spring in the air, the struggle is truly real — but it doesn't have to be. Manage your allergies with REACTINE®.

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1. "If you could only know how I feel right now, you’d say rude things like ‘I hate the outdoors’ too.”

Thinkstock, 2.

2. "Yes, I will be sneezing one thousand times today. I'm sorry the noise bothers you. I am not exactly doing it on purpose."

allergy season got me like pour up: sneeze headshot: sneeze sit down: sneeze stand up: sneeze pass out: sneeze wake up: sneeze

3. "I. Am. Not. Sick."

4. "I will be carrying this box of tissues around like a purse. You can leave your judgment in the waste basket with my used snot rags."

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5. "I will get 'better' somewhere in the November area."


6. "I did not get some sun this weekend; that is actually a rash. But thanks for assuming I would go outside in this mess!"

7. "Sorry, it's not that I'm not listening. It's just my head is swimming in a lake of fluids."

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8. "No, I haven't been crying. My eyes are just puffy red orbs of fire and despair."

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9. "The thing about exercise is that it requires me to be able to breathe."


10. "Coughing is actually my body's way of saying, 'Help me, I'm drowning.'"


11. "Go ahead — look at my eyes up close. Get right up in there. I am 100% sober."

12. "A picnic sounds wonderful! It truly has been too long! Unfortunately, I'm bottled up in my apartment waiting for this situation to blow over — so, raincheck."

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13. "Actually, I am sick — sick of you asking me that #$@&% question!!"


REACTINE® understands your struggle. Get ahead of your allergies to get your allergies out of your head.