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What Character From The Dastard Are You?

Who would you be if you where in the book The Dastard?

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  1. What would you do if you were falling to your death

    think of this person falling off the roof

    think of this person falling off the roof

    just go back in time to find out how it happened and stop it from ever happening.
    I would wounder why i even stepped off the roof and what would happen at the end of it.
    Just turn into another creature and stop myself from falling
    Just hum and and think of float to the ground.
    I would play the harmonica and think of floating to the ground.
    Fly down to learn of how this happened. because WHY NOT.
    Don't need to worry because i cant die.
    Think of something other then FALLING
    use the planet to save you.
    Would of looked in the future and avoided the situation.
    Play the drums and think of not hitting the ground
  2. how patiant are you in a cenversation.

    Always listens to every detail to know how something new works.
    listens to the conversation but will interrupt the speaker to state a fact that isn't needed
    will hear the questions and not care unless its about endangering someone.
    correct them if they are wrong
    listens to every detail but only if its interesting.
    never misses a detail and can remember it until it dies.
    listens to only the important parts and later on forgets the details after you have used it the first time.
    show abilities as you talk
    no care what so ever about the question
    be afraid that it will be about you
    half way through forget about the conversation or do something part way in the conversation.
  3. how would you End someone

    using someone else to do it
    my hands because it seems like a good idea
    go back in time before they where born and stop the parents from meeting.
    try to not kill them and and force them to stay in one area
    possess them and make them take their own life
    only do it if necessary but turn into another creature and do it
    would end up not doing it because you forgot and thought of something else.
    go invisible and do it
    send them to another planet
    hit them with an invisible spell and let the go quickly.
    let them have fun as they a going
  4. would you marry someone

    some one that is kind and loyal
    someone that can prove to have a very intelligent child
    someone smarter the me
    someone rich because of the fun of it
    wouldn't marry anyone but still used them like a side guy/chick
    someone that could hold a good beneficial future for the kids.
    only if they could be as old as me
    wouldn't until I'd have more experience
    would but later on in the relationship forget about them.
    would wait till I'd know what suites them best.
  5. how would you handle a stressfull situation

    avoid the situation
    turn it into a good situation
    find a way to get out of it like going to the start of it.
    turn the situation into a teach a lesson
    now worry about the bad stuff and look at the good side of it
    not care because it cant kill you if your already dead.
    worry and think of other things to get out of the situation.
    cause more chaos
    find the best way's to stop the situation

What Character From The Dastard Are You?

You got: The Dastard

The Dastard is Anomy but this character has no soul and has moved back to more animal characteristics and this is because Anomy sells his soul to a demon named Demon Test or D. Test for the talent of Unhappening. although the talent only lets him go back until he first got the talent and once he Unhappens an event he cant change it again. because the soul of Anomy was traded for the talent, Anomy had the sarge to constantly affect people badly with the ability or do dastardly deeds and so later on changed his name to the dastard and for 4 years has wanted to destroy Xanth using his talent one by one to find a way to destroy it.

The Dastard
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You got: Anomy

Anomy is a kind man that cares about others but lacks courage and this is because his ability is to have stupid ideas and later on gets the courage to marry princess Melody after anomy spent four to five years as the soulless dastard.

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You got: Becka

Becka is a very nice girl that goes to the Good Magician to find out what her meaning in life is because she was part dragon and part human and has a hard time trying to fit in with her human mother and her dragon father. Becka's talent is to turn into a dragon and this is why its her to fit in with her parent because she has to stay human with her mom and is forced to stay in dragon form if she wants to be with her father. Becka is told that her mission (service) is to help the Dastard to save Xanth.

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You got: Melody

Melody is a kind princess and is one of the triplet princess of Xanth. Melody care for her people and has the talent to sing and have the magic of a sorceress. Melody and her two other sisters together can have the power to do anything.

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You got: Harmony

Harmony is a caring and some what more childish princess then her other to siblings that has the talent to summon a harmonica that gives her the ability to be like a sorceress. Harmony is one of the triplet princess of Xanth. Harmony and her two other sisters together have the ability to do anything.

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You got: Sim

Sim is like a dragon but with feathers. Sim is the son of the universes smarts bird/dragon. Sim is the helper of the triplet princesses as his mission in life is to be as smart as his mother. Sim greatest ability is to turn invisible. Sim is one of the smartest characters in this book and later on become a portent part in the book. Sim is a fast learner, is very optimistic, and cares a lot about his friends.

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You got: Sea Hag

the Sea Hag is one of the oldest talented creatures in Xanth. The Sea Hag is a soulless creature like the dastard but she has the ability to die and come back into another body and take control and use the body as she wishes. once she is don with the body she must kill herself in order to get another body to do her dastardly deeds.

Sea Hag
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You got: Ann Archy

Ann Archy is just a normal girl that tries to find her way to Xanth but later find it and the first person she meets the Dastard and as she is talking with the Dastard her body is taken control of by the Sea Hag. The Sea Hag uses the body as a toy to attract the Dastard so she can use him as a toy. Ann Arcky's talent was to be Unorganized.

Ann Archy
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You got: Princess Ida

Princess Ida is an important key in the book as she has the talent to care for planets that spin around her head but there is only one planet and that is Ptero. Ptero is a Time is Geography planet that has all the same people on the planet and Ida can have people exchange places on each planet. this also means that there is another princess Ida and this princess has a planet that is shaped like a square with other people on that planet to. Princess Ida is smart, calm, and loves to play.

Princess Ida
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You got: Good Magician Humfrey

The Good Magician is calm and constantly put stress on as he can see the potential in Xanth and the people in it. The Good Magicians job is to tell the 100% truthful answer to anyone's question just after they pass the 3 tests to get the the Magicians tower and once the single question is asked the person that asked the question must serve a quest that later on helps them get the answer in a more understandable way or they must serve him for a year around the tower to set up test for other people that come to ask questions.

Good Magician Humfrey
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You got: Rthyem

Rthyem is one of the three triplet princesses of Xanth. Rthyms talent is to summon a drum to bet on and this drum give her the power like of a sorceress.

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