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10 Weird Lolly Rituals Only Aussies Will Understand

Sweet, sweet memories.

1. Trying to tie a snake into a knot using just your tongue.

2. Separating the strawberries from the cream.

3. Painstakingly tearing up a Minties wrapper into one long continuous piece.

4. Removing the heads from jelly babies.

5. Sifting through a packet of frogs and eating all the red ones.

6. Putting lolly teeth in your mouth and pretending you were an old person with dentures.

7. Seeing how far you could stretch a snake before it broke.

8. Throwing Jaffas at the cinema screen.

9. Strategically choosing the Killer Python with the most red segments.

10. Meticulously flattening out Fantales wrappers so you could do the “Who am I?” trivia.

Illustrations by Chris Hull / BuzzFeed

Did we miss any? Tell us your number one Allen’s lolly ritual in the comments!