This Is What Happens When An Indigenous Woman Talks About Being The Victim Of Racism On TV

    Actor Miranda Tapsell speaks about enduring horrific racial abuse and is viciously attacked online for it.

    Logie award-winning actor Miranda Tapsell was interviewed on the Channel 9 program The Verdict last night and opened up about the racial abuse she suffered in high school

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    "I was called gin bag, nigger, like really full on derogatory stuff," Tapsell told host Karl Stefanovic.

    "You don't think that you're worth it. I felt invisible as a teenage girl because I would look at the women that represented a lot of the media and they were tall they were blond, they were blue eyes, they had fair skin and here I am this short Aboriginal and I thought, 'there's not much chance for me'."

    When asked if she identified as Australian Tapsell said, "no, when I go to Australia day I don't feel like an Australian that day because people are essentially telling me that I can't be apart of that."

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    After the program a post of the interview on The Verdict's Facebook page had racked up almost three hundred comments, most of them attacking the actor.

    The comments turned nasty very quickly.

    Amid the abuse, there were a number of supporters who championed what Tapsell had to say.

    In May, Tapsell was awarded two Logies and used her acceptance speech for Best New Talent to highlight the lack of Indigenous people on television.

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    “If viewers clearly love seeing this, why deprive them of that? Put more beautiful people of colour on TV and connect viewers in ways which transcends race and unites us. That’s the real team Australia,” she said to a cheering audience.

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