Police Officer Who Allegedly Punched An Indigenous Woman May Not Be Punished

    A video showing the alleged incident has caused outrage online.

    WA Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan says the officer who allegedly punched a woman may not be punished if found guilty.

    Speaking on Perth talkback radio station 6PR yesterday O'Callaghan said police will conduct an internal review of the incident but it was unlikely the officers would lose their jobs.

    "It doesn't mean to say officers will lose their jobs either - it may mean we may have to do some better training or change some circumstances, who knows, or maybe nothing will come out of this," O'Callaghan said.

    "If we don't do it, then the Corruption and Crime Commission will do it, so we have to have a look at these things, make sure we have our training right, that the officers have done the right thing."

    The review was sparked by a video which was posted online allegedly shows the officer punching an Aboriginal woman in the head twice on December 5 in Kununurra.

    A video purportedly showing an Aboriginal woman being punched in the head by a police officer in Western Australia has prompted an official inquiry.

    Facebook: video.php

    The incident took place in the town of Kununurra in the Kimberly region of WA on December 5.

    "I wanted to share this video of an Aboriginal girl being bashed by the police and say that this has been happening for way to long now," WA man Isaiah Barney wrote after uploading the short video to Facebook.

    "One officer was on her legs and the other officer was on her back and shoulders so hard," Barney told the AAP.

    "I was looking at her - it was hard for her to breathe - and then I started recording".

    "I was absolutely shocked. I had to literally re-watch the video to see him hit her, but I had it on camera." Barney said.

    The video shows two police officers pinning the woman to the ground. One of the constables then appears to punch the woman's head twice.


    Barney can be heard on the video telling the officers several times during the incident that, "I'm recording you mate," and, "I can see what you're doing there".

    The Western Australian government has said it will review the matter and will not comment until then.

    "While no official complaint has been made about the incident, WA Police will conduct a review," Liza Harvey, a spokesperson for the police minister, told the AAP.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Barney for comment.

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