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10 Things Happening In America You Should Probably Know About

You say you know everything that's happening in America, but do you really know everything? Here are 10 current stories that you may not know much about, but could impact you or someone you know.

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1. The polio virus may help us come one step closer to a cure for cancer.

Duke researcher Matthias Gromeier is in the process of treating cancer patients by injecting them with the polio virus for its possibility to naturally attack cancer cells. Although it's still in clinical trials, they have seen success with the virus decreasing the size of cancerous tumors.

2. Hospitals are charging patients anywhere between 100 and 200 times more than the manufactured price of saline.

Unhindered by Talent / Via Flickr: nicmcphee

There is controversy surrounding how much American hospitals are charging patients for saline solution. A typical bag costs the hospital only $1–$5, but they are charging patients $100 or even $500 per bag.

3. Thanks to the internet, mind control is now a real thing.


Scientists at University of Washington have done what was thought to only exist in a Star Wars movie: One researcher was able to send brain signals through the internet to control the hand motions of another researcher across the campus.

4. Congress doesn't know how to monitor Bitcoins as a currency.

moomism / Via

More (virtual) money, more problems. Congress is now setting up a committee to determine how to process virtual currencies, specifically Bitcoins. Because the currency isn't circulated through banks, there is no way to regulate and tax the earnings, which may change soon if Congress has its way.

5. The U.S. Treasury could once again be in big trouble by October.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are now in a heated debate about raising the national debt. If they don't reach an agreement by mid-October, it could cause the government to not meet financial obligations and slow down any economic progress the country has already made.

6. Facebook friends can affect your credit rating.

Remko van Dokkum / Via Flickr: remkovandokkum

Hit the "Accept" button wisely. Companies are in the process of analyzing your Facebook friends to see if you associate yourself with others who have good credit. If your list is sketchy, your credit could be affected by it.

7. It is now confirmed that Area 51 actually exists.

A newly released declassified CIA document acknowledges the mysterious base by name, ending any theories of its existence. The document, however, makes no mention of UFOs, so there's still a bit of a mystery.

8. People in Colorado are gearing up for marijuana to become legal in January.


Ever since laws were passed in November to make way for the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, people have been preparing for the day it officially becomes legal in January. Medical marijuana dispensaries are preparing for major business changes, entrepreneurs are baking up a storm, and supporters are pretty happy that their day has finally come.

9. 17-year-old creates robotic arm... using a 3D printer.

starpause kid / Via Flickr: k9d

Easton LaHappelle, a 17-year-old kid from Colorado, has designed and created a fully functional robotic prosthetic arm in his bedroom laboratory. At a cost of under $1,000, Easton's development could become a major game changer in the making of prosthetic limbs.

10. North Carolina will pay victims of forced sterilization.

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Victims of a sterilization movement that mostly occurred after 1945 are being compensated for the state's actions. Selective sterilization was thought to be a process to help weed out genetic human defects. Recently North Carolina passed a $10 million plan to be split between verified victims, becoming the first state to offer any kind of compensation for these acts.