10 Underreported Stories You Need To Follow Right Now

There’s a variety of news around the world that isn’t getting enough attention. Learn more about the world around you by taking an interest in one of these stories. There’s more to it.

1. Scientists have turned to artificial insemination to help save the honeybee population.

David W Cerny / Reuters

Bee populations have been disappearing for several years now. They provide an important service to the world’s plant ecosystem — less bees means less food. Scientists are trying to prevent their disappearance.

2. Painkiller addiction is the worst drug epidemic our country has ever seen.

Liz O. Baylen/Los Angeles Times / MCT

Prescriptions for painkillers in the U.S. have tripled in the past few decades, and fatal ODs have surpassed heroin and cocaine combined, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

3. Elephants might be extinct in 25 years.

Erick Kaglan / AP

The ivory trade is threatening to wipe out the existence of elephants if China refuses to regulate.

4. Radiation pollution in Fukushima is worse than ever.

Issei Kato / Reuters

Tritium levels are at their highest ever, according to Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority. Toxic water might flow into the ocean and could have dire consequences for surrounding areas.

5. There's a prison crisis in America.

California Department of Corrections, File / AP

Both federal and state prisons are dealing with overcrowding issues, which is leading to scarce supplies, hunger strikes, and a rise in violent activities. Something is wrong.

6. There is a sexual assault epidemic in Egypt.

Muhammad Hamed / Reuters

There are a lot of problems in the country, and this issue has unfortunately taken a backseat. But women at political rallies must sometimes fight more than the cause that brought them there.

7. Some Americans with disabilities are making below minimum wage.

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

95% of workers with disabilities in facility-based settings are making less than minimum wage. Take a look at this disturbing infographic.

8. Diabetes, injury, sexual abuse, tuberculosis, and suicide are all major health issues for Native Americans.

Karl Gehring/The Denver Post / Getty Images

The statistics are staggering. Suicide is an epidemic. Before the age of 44 more Native Americans die of injury than any other cause. And 1 in 3 Native American women are victims of sexual assault in their lifetime, more than twice the national average.

9. The government is spending a lot of money cracking down on welfare fraud.

Rich Pedroncelli, File / AP

In some cases, it’s ruining lives. And to make matters worse, the USDA spent $126 million in order for investigators to recover only $115 million in wrongful payments. Read this story about a family torn apart by the government’s lengthy legislation against them.

10. Genetically modified salmon are showing behavioral differences from wild fish.

Andy Clark / Reuters

Genetically modified, farm-raised salmon grow at twice the rate of normal salmon, but scientists have observed significant behavioral differences.

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