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    20 Perfect Pins For People Who Simply Cannot

    Lapels on fleek.

    1. For when he posts a pic with his new girl:

    2. For when you remember that embarrassing thing you did five years ago and die a little inside:

    3. For when you're at the bar waaaaay too late on a Monday:

    4. For when you can't believe they forgot to invite you to brunch:

    5. For when he doesn't text you back for like, hours:

    6. For when you wake up hungover and not at your own home:

    7. For when you check your bank account before the weekend:

    8. For when you're closing out the store but eight customers walk in to "just browse":

    9. When you eat cereal out of a mug because you don't have any clean dishes or real food to eat but you accept that this is your life:

    10. For when you run into your ex at your favorite bar:

    11. For when everything reminds you of him:

    12. For when your friend cancels on you for the 8 zillionth time:

    13. When your whole wardrobe is shades of black and you like it that way:

    14. For when you get in shape and are super proud but everyone keeps asking if it's your hair that's different:

    15. For when you log in and realize someone reported your totally tame Instagram post:

    16. For when your thumb gets tired from swiping left:

    17. For when that one friend wants to pay less at dinner because their entrée was $2 cheaper:

    18. For when you re-activate your dating profile and instantly regret it:

    19. For when you come home and discover that your roommate ate your leftovers:

    20. And for when a stranger on the street tells you to smile: