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    Watch This Tearful Reunion Between A 10-Year-Old Boy And His Missing Cat

    Jared and Clyde, best friends forever.

    Jared, a 10-year-old autistic boy was devastated when his beloved 11-year-old cat Clyde went missing. 12 days later, Jared came home to discover that Clyde had been found by a neighbor, and all was right in the world!

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    The video was originally uploaded by Jared's mom back in 2010 and is picking up steam again thanks to a re-post on Rumble Viral.

    Jared and Clyde have been together since they were both just babies! Jared's mom, Terri shared this photo of baby Jared and kitten Clyde with BuzzFeed:

    Jared was overcome with emotion when he saw his best friend Clyde had made it home safely.

    So sweet!!! 😂 😹

    ❤❤ 😻 😻 😻 ❤❤

    Although this video was first uploaded back in 2010, Jared and Clyde are both doing great. This photo of 15-year-old Jared, now a high school freshman and Clyde, who will turn 16 next month was taken today!

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