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Watch This Incredible Fourth Grader Stand Up To Her School Board Against Standardized Testing

Sydney Smoot for President 2044!

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Sydney Smoot, an incredibly articulate and brave fourth grader from Brooksville, Florida, heroically stood before the Hernando County School Board to speak out against standardized testing and brought the house down.

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The Florida Standards Assessment Test, or FSA, is a hot-button topic in Florida, with many students, parents, and teachers viewing the test as an unfair indicator of academic success.

Sydney, a 9-year-old powerhouse, spoke eloquently about her concerns over the FSA:

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"I consider myself a well-educated young lady. However, with FSA tests, my five years of school - all on honor roll - do not matter. This test looks at me as a number. One test defines me either a failure or a success through a numbered rubric... It doesn't take an account of all my knowledge and abilities, just a small percentage."

Chief among Sydney's concerns is a form that students are made to sign, stating that they can't even discuss the test with their parents.

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"I am not comfortable signing something like this. I have the right to talk to my parents about any and everything related to school and my education."

Sydney is not opposed to taking tests, she just wants it to be fair.

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"Why are we taking most of the year stressing and prepping for ONE TEST at the end of the year, when we should be taking tests throughout the year that really measure our abilities... The stress and pressure this testing puts on me and I'm sure most students, is not healthy."

Finally, Sydney drives it home like a rock star:

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"Ladies and gentlemen of the school board, I urge you to put a STOP to high-stakes testing today. It is not good for the schools, teachers, and students. Parents and students, contact your governor and put a stop to all the standardized testing. Thank you so much for your time."

Preach, sister!!!!!

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