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    Check Out A Tiny Vin Diesel In A Hilarious All-Kid Parody Of "Furious 7"

    A Little Fast, A Little Furious.

    DreamWorksTV created this epic Furious 7 parody with a cast of little kids, and it's pretty spot on.

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    Meet Dominic Toretto, a man with his priorities in check.

    Dom and his best friend/honorary brother Brian O'Connor share a passion for cars.

    The drama all begins with one phone call.

    You don't mess with a man's Legos.

    But who is this new villain?

    It's time to get the gang back together.

    Like the film franchise, this trailer also doesn't take itself too seriously.

    The stakes are high.

    It's time for action!

    Ride or die...

    So buckle up...

    For the ride of your life.