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    Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Bacon, And Kyra Sedgwick Will Have You Snort-Laughing Over These Insane "Blowin' In The Wind" Lyrics

    ♫How many rows must a minivan have, before it's a regular van?♫

    On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was joined by Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick for a hilarious "first draft" of "Blowin' in the Wind" as sung by the classic folk trio Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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    The song started out pretty legit, with the well-known opening line.

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    And then we got into the rough first draft lyrics.

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    Ah, yes. The age-old philosophical question.

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    I think we've all wondered this.

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    Seriously, tho. HOW?

    This is when things started to get a little weird.

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    Fair enough.

    There are a bunch of albums, tbh.

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    Yup. Yes, can definitely see why these lyrics never made the final draft.

    You made it weird, PETER.

    The final verse is where the lyrics literally started to go off the rails.

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    ♫The answer my friend, is 2:00 p.m., the answer is 2:00 p.m.♫

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