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Just 23 Hilarious Tweets About The First Year Of Marriage

"Whoever surprise proposes first should also be the one who gets to hold the remote during the 1st year of marriage."

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1. When you don't even know your own name anymore.

2. When the honeymoon phase is in full force.

3. When you find creative ways to share special moments.

4. When people assume you have that baby fever.

5. When your mom LEGIT has that baby fever and is not subtle about it.

6. When you have to decide whose family you'd rather have mad at you.

7. When sharing a sense of humor matters.

8. When you've still got that honeymoon glow.

9. When you just don't get some traditions.

10. When "thank you" notes become a dangerous game.

11. When you have to share EVERYTHING.

12. When you get to make the rules.

13. When your new spouse starts getting comfortable and lazy.

14. When you realize you married a monster.

15. When you really get each other.

Happy 1st anniversary to my amazing and beautiful wife. This picture she sent me sums up our first year of marriage!

16. When you have to put your HGTV dreams on hold.

17. When you have a daily identity crisis.

18. When the bed is suddenly smaller than you remember.

19. When you are a house divided.

20. When you realize you also married their family.

21. When even grandpa knows what's up. ;)

22. When it's time to make the really tough choices.

23. When the honeymoon is over, but some things just linger.

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