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    24 Times Michel From "Gilmore Girls" Was The Snarky Hero You Needed

    "Let us just stand here and let the awkwardness wash over us."

    1. When he was snarky just because he could be.

    2. When he stated the obvious.

    3. When he had no patience for stupidity.

    4. When he didn't have the energy for small talk.

    5. When he couldn't take that risk.

    6. When he literally couldn't even.

    7. When he didn't pull any punches with Lorelai.

    8. And he completely tuned her out.

    9. When he had no problem with the ladies.

    10. When he was exasperated by idiocy.

    11. When he boasted about being a "fabulous dancer."

    12. And he wasn't wrong.

    13. When he met his hero, Céline Dion, with a nasty pimple on his face.

    14. When he was forced to entertain children.

    15. When he had some feedback on Lorelai's boyfriend.

    16. When he had to do the worst part of his job.

    17. When his sarcasm knew no bounds.

    18. When he was not happy with his current job description.

    19. When he wasn't as fond of winter as Lorelai.

    20. When he couldn't come up with that "stupid American phrase!"

    21. When he was too dignified for drag.

    22. When he was not a shoulder to cry on.

    23. When he could not forgive and forget.

    24. When he was in touch with his feelings, and gave zero fucks.

    Stay perfect, Michel.