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    This Powerful Video Uses Dancing X-Rays To Prove That We Are All The Same On The Inside


    In this collaboration between Ad Council, R/GA, and, a crowd of people got an inspiring lesson on love, thanks to a few skeletons that danced, hugged, and kissed to make a moving statement about love and bias.

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    At first, the crowd was confused while watching two skeletons kiss on a giant screen...

    Until the skeletons revealed themselves to be real-life people stepping out from behind the screen.

    "Love is love."

    This duo looks like two fun humans!

    "My heart doesn't see race."

    Adorable! Who's behind there?

    "I love my sister!"

    Oh, look! It's a family.

    "Our family is no less than any other family."

    Patty-cake and a hug for the road. Friendship.

    "That's my best friend!"

    "We all have different religions, but we all have universal love as well."

    "We are neighbors and best friends."

    This is the kickoff to Love Has No Labels, a new public service campaign to get people to address and confront their internal bias around gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age, and body size.