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    This Man Hiked Over 2,600 Miles From Mexico To Canada And Took A Selfie At Every Mile

    He hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the same trail from the movie Wild.

    From May to October of 2013, Andy Davidhazy hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexico border to Canada. He documented the journey with a selfie for every mile, keeping track of the distance by using paper maps, a mobile app with GPS, and by time.

    About that beard, Andy says:

    On his personal website, Andy sums up his total five and a half month journey with over 2,700 miles hiked, 5 pairs of shoes, 4.5 million footsteps over 400,000 vertical feet of elevation, and an impressive 4900 photos taken.

    Andy's final thoughts on documenting his trip with selfies:

    Watch the entire, gorgeous time-lapse here:

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    Andy Davidhazy / Via

    You can read more about Andy's journey on his blog, or on the website for the narrative short film about his adventures, Lost Or Found.