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    Here's A Look At What Beauty Standards Looked Like Around The World In The 1980s

    Lots of hairspray and glossy lips!

    Cut Video just released this totally rad video for its 100 Years of Beauty series, and it's all about what was trending all over the world in the 1980s.

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    Cut Video / Via

    The soft and simple look was popular in Japan.

    Cut Video / Via

    And Hawai'i and Iran kept it pretty clean and natural.

    The Navajo Nation and Italy opted for classic glamour.

    But let's be honest, in many parts of the world, the 1980s were all about that bold eyeshadow...

    Cut Video / Via

    As seen in Ethiopia.

    ...and the hairspray.

    Cut Video / Via

    Like in Sweden.

    The Republic of Ireland and Puerto Rico knew what was up, for sure, with that powder blue eyeshadow and hot pink lip gloss!

    And of course, the hair. The higher, the better!

    That rock 'n' roll rebellion was alive and well in Northern Ireland and East Germany.

    Cue the Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl."

    In the United States, the colorful makeup was a sign of the times.

    Cut Video / Via

    From pop princesses to punk queens to movie stars, it was all about the glam.

    And South Korea kept it bright and bold, with a high-gloss lip and neatly teased hair.

    Cut Video / Via

    And finally, let's never forget the 1980s classic ocean wave bangs, which the ladies of Mexico had down to an art.

    Cut Video / Via

    Watch the whole video for these iconic looks and many more!