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    This Guy Used Snapchat To Apply For A Job At Snapchat

    Come on, Snapchat, give him the job already!!!! He's actually really qualified.

    Elski Felson really wants to work for Snapchat, so he made this clever Snapchat My Story video résumé:

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    Elski, who goes by Eli, didn't think a regular ol' paper résumé would properly showcase his talent and experience, so he broke it down using actual requirements for the position.

    Elski Felson / Via

    Highlights include...

    Being a multitasking rockstar:

    Elski Felson

    "How's spinning a ball while riding a bike on the beach, taking a selfie? Is that 'rock star' level?"

    An experienced researcher:

    Elski Felson

    Demonstrated here as he searches the topic "why is my poop green" on Google.

    ...with phenomenal presentation skills:

    Elski Felson / Via

    "I don't know what you've seen or where you've been, but I know me, personally, I've never seen Laffy Taffy look that phenomenal in all my life."

    A strong writer:

    Elski Felson / Via

    Presented without comment.

    Great judgment:

    Elski Felson / Via

    Look at this fine display of judgment! So impressive!

    An expert spreadsheet wizard:

    Elski Felson / Via

    Well, obviously. He did get an A in Database Applications in Business.

    And most important, an ugly selfie expert:

    Elski Felson / Via

    Yes, this was actually on the job posting.

    Eli told BuzzFeed he has not yet heard from Snapchat. He is one class away from his MBA and has the relevant skills and experience, plus he's super clever! Somebody hire this man!

    Elski Felson / Via

    Good luck, Eli!