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This Guy Thoughtfully Surprised His Dad With A Classic Car So You Should Probably At Least Call Your Dad

No but really, you're going to want to hug your dad after this.

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For his 60th birthday, Frankie gave his "Pop" a huge surprise. When Pop opened his present, he saw some framed old photographs of himself in his younger days in his beloved green Pontiac GTO.

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Once he removed the attached card, there was a key in the last empty frame, but Pop still hadn't caught on.

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The card attached had a lovely message, and Pop started to get choked up:

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"Hey Pops, at an early age you taught me some great values. You taught me to work hard, to be a good person, and always stand up for myself. You have shaped me into the man I am today. The sacrifices you have made for our family can never be repaid. You are my best friend and my hero. I am proud to call you my father. So, now that I have probably made both of us shed a tear, let's celebrate your 60th birthday with a gift that you've earned and deserve."

The card continued, with some instructions...

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"Take the keys, close your eyes, and let's take a walk outside. Love, Frankie."

Keep 'em closed, Pop!!!!

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Finally it was time for the emotional reveal.

Pop couldn't believe his eyes - his beloved GTO was his once again!

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He wasted no time getting behind the wheel and taking her out for a spin!

Happy birthday, Pop!!!

Grab some tissues and watch the whole thing unfold, then go ahead and CALL YOUR DAD ALREADY.

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