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This Guy Can't Stop Playing Basketball While His Annoyed Girlfriend Is Trying To Get Her Target On

He has a bad case of the March Madness.

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YouTuber Qias Omar has March Madness and it's pretty bad. He and his girlfriend Ashley both love a good Target run, so he decided to have a little fun, no matter how much it annoyed his lovely lady.

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Qias told BuzzFeed that he and Ashley visit Target two or three times a week. Maybe Ashely will think twice about letting him come along after this.

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Even though he seems to get a lot of practice, he's not a very good shot.

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At least Ashley has a great sense of humor!

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This must be what shopping with a toddler is like.

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Ashley is a saint. 👼

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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Once more, Ashley proves to be the coolest girlfriend ever, and even plays along.

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Nice assist!

Sweet block!

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And it seems shopping for feminine care is the only thing that can stop Qias.

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Today might not be the day to mess with your lady.