Dad Gets Glitter Bombed For Opening His Kid's Mail, And It's So Satisfying

    That will teach him to open someone else's mail.

    YouTube user edamame says: "My dad always reads my mail so I decided to teach him a lesson by sending a glitter bomb to myself from" The rest is pure internet magic.

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    edamame / Via will also send your enemies poop. And glitter poop, because that is a thing.

    "Oh look, mail that is addressed to my child, not to me. I think I'll open it anyway."

    BOOM! Glitter bombed.

    After dropping a couple of F bombs, dad went into action, doing the hardest thing in the world: cleaning up glitter.

    It really is the worst.

    One more time in slow-motion. Let this be a lesson to all of you nosey dads out there.