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This Couple's Epic Save The Date Will Make You Wish You Were Invited To The Wedding

There's an explosion and everything. This is going to be one hell of a wedding.

Tyler MacNiven and his fiancée, Kelly, wanted to make their wedding "save the date" special. Tyler told BuzzFeed they both love puns and so they decided to do a Mission: Impossible–style video about literally "saving" the date.

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According to Tyler, the couple spent only about $400 making the video, and most of that went to "sandwiches, snacks, and champagne for the cast."

Operation: Save the Date — an important wedding document has been stolen, and a highly trained team is on a mission to bring it back.

These two are ready for action!

They have a very unique set of secret weapons and tools to take down the bad guys.


Friends and family pitched in to make the video perfect. There's the bride punching out her real-life brother, who is a fight choreographer and former WWE wrestler.

Go-Go-Gadget garters?

Who knew a bridal bouquet could be a weapon of mass distraction?

The search for "the date" continues!

At last, our heroes have found the precious document!

Oh, no! More danger ahead!

That's it! Distract them with a delicious cake...bomb?!

Of course this incredible video ends with an explosion. Perfect.

Tyler and Kelly are not professional filmmakers. Tyler owns a San Francisco restaurant called West of Pecos with his two brothers, and Kelly is finishing up her Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience at Stanford University.