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    Here’s A Remake of the Opening Sequence From “The Office” Starring a Very Fluffy Dog Because We All Need This Right Now

    Would 100% watch this version of The Office.

    After 25-year-old Paulina Lang recently binge-watched The Office on Netflix, she was inspired to re-create the opening sequence with her dog, Enzo.

    I recreated The Office Intro using my dog! @SteveCarell @rainnwilson @edhelms #theoffice #samoyed

    She told BuzzFeed, "I thought it would be funny to get him into costume as a few of the characters and make a couple references that The Office fans would enjoy."

    fluffyface_enzo / Via

    Enzo is a 17-month-old Samoyed who found his forever family when he was just eight weeks old.

    The fluffy guy lives in California with his mom, dad, and Yorkiepoo brother, Cricket.

    fluffyface_enzo / Via

    Lang, who manages Enzo's Instagram account, says that he is a goofy, smart, and loving pup.

    fluffyface_enzo / Via

    He’s a very loving and friendly dog. I’d describe his personality as goofy. Even though he’s goofy he’s also very smart. He can pick up tricks pretty fast and learns to adapt to new situations really well. I think that’s why he does well in the videos.

    She hopes the video will make people smile.

    fluffyface_enzo / Via

    She said, "I hope the video puts a smile on people’s faces. Everything in the news these days seems so heavy. I just want this to be something lighthearted and fun!"

    Who couldn't smile at this?

    fluffyface_enzo / Via

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