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Show Us Your Most Clever, Pun-Based Halloween Costumes

Time to show off just how clever are!

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It's almost time for the funnest day of the year — Halloween!

KXVO15 / Via

Halloween is a great time to show off your cleverness and creativity with a costume that is also a hilarious pun.

@TomAldridgeFans / Via Twitter: @TomAldridgeFans

Maybe you created a perfect pop culture mashup, like this DumbleDora the Explorer...

@sincerelyjesss / Via Twitter: @sincerelyjesss_

Or perhaps you chose a deliciously clever play on words, like this pot brownie:

Maybe you delivered the perfect nod to your favorite TV show and your favorite food:

the84tigers / Via

Or you might have gone with a more literal translation of "one-night stand":


Show us how you SLAYED Halloween, like this cereal killer!

@avawilliams_ava / Via Twitter: @avawilliams_ava

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