This "Harry Potter" Fan Film Is The Prequel We All Need And Deserve

    Severus Snape and the Marauders takes place just before the start of the first wizarding war.

    Stop everything to watch this high-quality prequel to the Harry Potter series, made by die-hard fans.

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    With stellar visual effects, impeccable casting, and a carefully crafted script, it's wands-down the best 25 minutes of your day.

    The year is 1978 and the Marauders — James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin — have just graduated from Hogwarts.

    James Potter reflects on the influence that Lily Evans has had on him.

    Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, however, are pretty proud of the map that they have created.

    Remus Lupin is more concerned about the looming threat of the first major wizarding war.

    And right on cue, we meet a young Severus Snape.

    Angry at Severus for calling Lily a "mudblood," James is ready for a fight.

    The young men all head to the forest, where a battle begins.

    We also get a first glimpse of Peter Pettigrew being turned into Wormtail.

    And we meet Lily Evans, who stops Snape short of using the unforgivable "Avada Kedavra" killing curse on James, and tries to reason with him to choose the right path.

    We won't spoil the ending for you, so do yourself a favor and watch the whole damn thing. And then you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this epic adventure here.