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    This List Of Weird Pregnancy Cravings Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

    Whatever baby wants...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the strangest things they craved while pregnant, and the answers did NOT disappoint. Here are the delightfully disgusting results.

    1. Buddy's sweet spaghetti from Elf.

    2. Dish soap on a cheeseburger.

    3. Uncooked canned corn.

    4. Cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn.

    5. Sauerkraut on everything.

    6. Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries.

    "Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries. And country gravy on strawberries and cantaloupe. Oh, man, they sound disgusting now, but they were sooooo amazing." —elynnelim

    7. Pulled pork on vanilla ice cream.

    8. Doritos dipped in clam chowder soup.

    9. The telltale onion.

    10. Kosher dill pickles stuffed with grape jelly.

    "I was babysitting while pregnant with my first daughter. The kids wanted a snack. They loved the big, half-cut, kosher dill pickles. So I’m looking at them thinking, I think I want one too! I carved out the middle with my teeth then filled the ‘pickle boat’ with grape jelly. It was spectacular!! The tang, the vinegar, the sweet, the crunch.

    "Now, however, it sounds disgusting." —memoriem

    11. Canned cheese on powdered doughnuts.

    "The only craving I had was in the beginning of my pregnancy, while I still had morning sickness. Easy Cheese on powdered doughnuts. It did not end well." —jessicar4e354f20c

    12. Pizza dipped in icing.

    13. Twinkies in ranch dressing.

    "I’m not ashamed to say I ate Twinkies dumped into ranch dressing." —danibuttafly

    14. Pickles dipped into a strawberry Frappuccino.

    "Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino and dill pickles. I would literally dip the pickle in the Frappuccino! I’m disgusted thinking about it, but it was soooooooooooo good then!" —vanessaw4817c61ee

    15. Dog biscuits and a case of candy bars.

    "Dog biscuits. And an entire case of 36 full-size Mr. Goodbars, which I ate in one sitting." —invasivemage

    16. Nutella on a burrito.

    17. Dirt.

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    This post has been edited and condensed for clarity.