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    Literally Just 34 Pictures Of People Who Look Exactly Like Their Pets

    It's a little bit freaky and a whole lot of cute.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us how much they look like their pets, and the results were delightful! Enjoy.

    1. These two identical twins.

    carleew / Via

    Submitted by carleew

    2. This green-eyed blondie and her matching human.

    zahavahk / Via

    Submitted by zahavahk

    3. This adorably squishy duo.

    brittanyy4fffce398 / Via

    Submitted by brittanyy4fffce398

    4. These blue-eyed babes.

    autumnfinck / Via

    Submitted by autumnfinck

    5. This very serious dude and his equally serious pup.

    amymariek / Via

    Submitted by amymariek

    6. These bulldogs who are really just softies.

    d40bf8018e / Via

    Submitted by d40bf8018e

    7. This happy gal and her fluffy pal.

    malainaj / Via

    Submitted by malainaj

    8. These deep souls with enchanting eyes and matching grins.

    jb2937 / Via

    Submitted by jb2937

    9. This woman and her super-smiley pooch.

    casandras4c558deea / Via

    Submitted by casandras4c558deea

    10. These two cozy creatures in matching sweaters.

    ariellevictoriat / Via

    Submitted by ariellevictoriat

    11. This ridiculously adorable pup sharing a smile with his favorite human.

    b4dd271c36 / Via

    Submitted by b4dd271c36

    12. This blushing blonde and her doggo with a matching haircut.

    rdsvmama / Via

    Submitted by rdsvmama

    13. These two funny faces.

    marleet3 / Via

    Submitted by marleet3

    14. This mama and baby bear.

    jennifera45bdf4588 / Via

    Submitted by jennifera45bdf4588

    15. These snuggly gingers.

    red27654 / Via

    Submitted by red27654

    16. This fashionable pair out for a stroll.

    rosemaryk4d17854cb / Via

    Submitted by rosemaryk4d17854cb

    17. These black-haired beauties with striking green eyes.

    angelebuscemileb / Via

    Submitted by angelebuscemileb

    18. This corgi, having a laugh with her best friend.

    simonel47e5d7d4f / Via

    Submitted by simonel47e5d7d4f

    19. This woman and pup who just want some treats.

    graceb457ee0e75 / Via

    Submitted by graceb457ee0e75

    20. These cool buds.

    zanec4bbc0be37 / Via

    Submitted by zanec4bbc0be37

    21. These stylish fellas.

    sophiasoria / Via

    Submitted by sophiasoria

    22. This couple, who each has their own doppelgänger.

    abbeyvandez / Via

    Submitted by abbeyvandez

    23. This sleepy lady and her cuddle bug.

    mariaceciliaj / Via

    Submitted by mariaceciliaj

    24. This golden pairing.

    haleyj48d781f04 / Via

    Submitted by haleyj48d781f04

    25. These cute troublemakers.

    samnsmit / Via

    Submitted by samnsmit

    26. This little human and even littler kitty.

    cameracat / Via

    Submitted by cameracat

    27. These ponytailed princesses.

    jennyr4f9257e67 / Via

    Submitted by jennyr4f9257e67

    28. These brown-eyed girls.

    abbip2 / Via

    Submitted by abbip2

    29. This woman and her fluffy, flanneled friend.

    jamieg4ae9b569e / Via

    Submitted by jamieg4ae9b569e

    30. This lovely dog and her selfie-loving twin.

    jessicafingado / Via

    Submitted by jessicafingado

    31. This skeptical woman and the pup that just gets her vibe.

    bsulisy / Via

    Submitted by bsulisy

    32. These smooshy-faced sweeties.

    raek493d922b1 / Via

    Submitted by raek493d922b1

    33. This woman and her pup with matching pixie cuts.

    quinns4b08cbaf9 / Via

    Submitted by quinns4b08cbaf9

    34. And these happy road trippers.

    lindsayk4457a07b7 / Via

    Submitted by lindsayk4457a07b7

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