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    Here's What Happened When One Dude Tried Six Different Women's Hairstyles

    "Do I look like Tilda Swinton?"

    One brave guy agreed to try out six different women's hairstyles in a row. That's a lot of hair spray and bobby pins for any one human.

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    Facts. / Via

    This is Fionn, a contributor for Facts, who agreed to try six different hairdos.

    Style 1: Straightened

    He was pretty amused with the result.

    Style 2: Double Top Knot

    "I look like Miley Cyrus."

    Style 3: Swept Back

    Fionn was feeling this look!

    And he even found another celebrity lookalike!

    Style 4: Top Bun

    Fionn was surprised by the sheer number of clips it took for this simple bun.

    But whatever, he LOVED it!

    Style 5: French Plait

    Lookin' good, Fionn!

    Fionn learned that beauty is pain.

    Style 6: Curled

    Saved the best for last? Fionn is INTO it!

    For Fionn's final thoughts and more in-depth looks at all of the styles, watch the whole video here.