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On Their Way To Elope, This Couple Got A Surprise In-Flight "Wedding" From Their Airline Crew

The bride wore garbage bag couture, and the couple exchanged wings.

Dina and Chas have been together for 10 years. With the burden of student loan debt and jobs in the nonprofit sector, they flew off to elope. On their way, the JetBlue flight team threw them an unofficial mid-air "wedding!"

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dinazawaski / Via

Flight attendant Joanne served as the flower girl, dropping tissues down the aisle in lieu of rose petals.

dinazawaski / Via

Dina, the "bride" followed, holding a bouquet made of napkins and sugar packets.

dinazawaski / Via

Flight attendant Chris hummed "The Wedding March" over the PA system.

Dina's veil was made from trash bags, and Chas had a matching bowtie! So clever!

dinazawaski / Via

Flight attendant Joanne pulled double-duty, also playing "wing" bearer.

dinazawaski / Via

The couple exchanged JetBlue wing pins instead of rings.

The exchange of the wings...

"By the power vested in JetBlue, which is NO POWER AT ALL," flight attendant Chris pronounced them travel companions for life.

dinazawaski / Via

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The "newlyweds" were even treated to a saxophone serenade from a fellow passenger for their first dance!