17 Photos That Prove Miniature Schnauzers Are A Gift From God

    Their breed may be mini, but their hearts are giant.

    1. This very good pup:

    2. This sweet angel:

    3. This little smartie:

    4. This fluffy marshmallow:

    5. This very serious doggo:

    6. This jet-setter:

    7. This sleepy buddy:

    8. These perfectly matched BFFs:

    9. This easy rider:

    10. This very innocent pup who certainly did not just eat that whole casserole:

    11. This happy passenger:

    12. This loyal babysitter:

    13. This tiny baby:

    14. This bath-time champ:

    15. This lil' flirt:

    16. This party animal:

    17. And this irresistible face: