This Amazing Story Of A Dog Finding His Long-Lost Brother Will Melt Your Heart

    Warning: this post contains very floofy, heartwarming content.

    Twitter user @itswalela recently posted the incredible story of when her family's dog Louie stopped "dead in his tracks" at the sight of another dog. After talking with the other dog's humans, it was discovered that the dogs were actually BROTHERS!

    My fam got Louie (right) from a breeder years ago. Tell me why, Louie is at the park & stops dead in his tracks when seeing this dog (left). Turns out they are from the same breeder, have the same parents, meaning THEY ARE BROTHERS & RECOGNIZED EACH OTHER 😭 this shit made me cry

    Walela also added that although her family got Louie from a breeder, she and her partner care for several rescue animals.

    And JUST when you're thinking, I don't know if my heart could handle any more of this adorableness, guess what?


    It turns out, other people have had similar experiences when their dogs reunited with long-lost siblings! Like these two Shih-tzus!

    @itswalela This is sooo wild my dog did the same thing. My dog is on the left his brother he found is on the right

    And these sweet reunited sisters, who are coincidentally named Pixie and Twinkle.

    @itswalela I reunited these sisters after months of seeing them both separately and becoming convinced they were related. One is my friend's dog, the other belongs to a school run mum. The dogs came from the other side of London and now live round the corner from each other.

    Basically, dogs are amazing and the world is better because of them.

    BuzzFeed has reached out @itswalela for further comments.