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Kate Middleton Stepped In Quickly When Princess Charlotte Fell During A Royal Event And It's Peak Mom

The Duchess of Cambridge mom'd SO hard.

It's no secret that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a loving, doting mother to her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and newborn Prince Louis (not pictured).

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

We've even seen her "very serious mom face." And honestly, it was so relatable.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

So, it was no surprise that when Princess Charlotte took a fall during a recent event on the palace balcony, Kate's mom reflexes kicked right in to save the day.

Mom to the rescue! #KateMiddleton swooped in to comfort #PrincessCharlotte after she took a spill on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The royal family was gathered for Trooping the Colour, an annual ceremony celebrating the Queen's birthday.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Princess Charlotte lost her footing, and without missing a beat, Kate swooped in to save her from taking a tumble.

People / Via Twitter: @people

And then she gave her daughter a comforting mom hug, because that's what mamas do!

People / Via Twitter: @people

In fact, other moms tweeted praise for the sweet moment.

@JenJenColeman / Via Twitter: @JenJenColeman
@blueIvy_xx / Via Twitter: @blueIvy_xx
@iamsadiaahmed / Via Twitter: @iamsadiaahmed

Such a good mother, indeed!

@joannemis17 / Via Twitter: @joannemis17

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