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This Compilation Of Batdad Vines Proves That His Wife Jen Is The Real Hero


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Batdad has over 3 million followers on Vine, but this video compilation really makes it clear that his wife, Jen is a hero, if not a bona fide saint.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: BatDadOfficial

It's not easy living with a husband who thinks he's Batman. / Via


Jen is not having it. / Via

Cool as a cucumber, she takes it all in stride. / Via

Friends fans will appreciate her use of a certain gesture.


Even his pep talks are insanely intense. / Via

But Jen keeps it REAL. / Via

Every now and then, she even shows signs that she might actually enjoy it. / Via

Jen really is a good sport.

Let's hear it for JEN! / Via

#TeamJen #StillLoveBatdadTBH