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Jake Gyllenhaal And The Real-Life Survivor He Plays In "Stronger" Had The Most Hilariously Petty Interview And I'm Dying

"If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?"

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In the upcoming biopic Stronger, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, a man who lost his legs as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

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Jake and Jeff spent a lot of time together over the course of the film, and they developed a real friendship in the process.

Recently, the two sat down to interview each other. Looking for an inspiring, somber interview about a life-changing event? Sorry, all we've got here is a movie star getting roasted to hell by the surprisingly hilarious hero he plays in a movie.

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Sorry, NOT sorry.

The movie highlights the fact that Jeff used humor to get through the biggest trial of his life — and he wasted no time showcasing that brutal comedic wit at the expense of his pal Jake.