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This Woman Lost Her Mind When She Found Out Her Sister Is Having Twins

"Can I have one?"

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Since it was their third pregnancy, Jill and Shawn decided to wait until 20 weeks to find out their baby's gender. They even invited Jill's sister Kelly along, and she absolutely lost her shit when it was revealed that they were having TWINS!

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Jill and Shawn already have a son and daughter at home. They are now expecting twin boys in September.

Kelly, who thought she was just there to find out if baby No. 3 was going to be a boy or a girl, came in to the room only moments after Jill and Shawn found out they were having twins.

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The excited auntie was just happy to be there — she didn't notice anything *different* about the ultrasound at first.

After a long, careful look, Kelly finally saw something!

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...and instantly FREAKED THE FUCK OUT.

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She has officially lost her damn mind.

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