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    Here's What Happened When Women Of All Ages Were Asked To Respond To The Word "Bitch"

    "I think that words only have the power that you give them."

    In the latest installment of their “One Word” series, Cut Video asked girls and women, aged 15–50, to respond to the word “bitch.”

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    As a teenager, the word can be hurtful.

    While it can hurt, some young women can also see the humor in the word.

    It's important to remember that you have the power to decide what a word means to you.

    For some, the word itself evokes power - whether it is the force shown by the person who uses it, or the strength of the person who is being given the label.

    ...And no matter what anyone else says, you know who you are.

    Some women are offended by the term in general...

    ...While others can playfully give an example.

    Ages 34, 36

    Is it time to remove the word from our vocabulary?

    Sometimes a one-word answer is all you need for an honest response.

    Ages 42, 43, and 44

    For many women, the impact of this word is very real.

    At 48 years old, this woman has owned the word and found a positive way to embrace it.


    Love it or hate it, the word "bitch" is something women and girls hear constantly. It's what you make of the word that matters.