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    Here's What Happened When Lin-Manuel Miranda Asked Emma Watson To Sort "Hamilton" Into Hogwarts Houses

    Apparently Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have different opinions on which house Alexander Hamilton belongs in.

    Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda sat down with Emma Watson for HeForShe and gave her the very important task of sorting the subjects of the groundbreaking musical into Hogwarts Houses.

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    As Lin-Manuel pointed out, when you have two giant fandoms, eventually those worlds must collide.

    Clearly channeling her inner Hermione, Emma Watson came prepared.

    While she originally had Angelica Schuyler pegged for Gryffindor and Eliza Hamilton in Ravenclaw, she ultimately switched the two.

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    Eliza wound up in Gryffindor, Watson adds, because she's "all heart, all courage."

    Aaron Burr was an easy one to sort.

    As was Alexander Hamilton himself.

    Lin-Manuel agreed, adding some backing evidence that Hamilton was indeed a Gryffindor.

    Although he did point out that when asked, Daniel Radcliffe quickly gave a very different answer.

    Via Facebook: 156195014444203

    If only we could hear that phone call between Hermoine and Harry, arguing about Alexander Hamilton's house prospects.

    The full interview will be available later today. Check out #HeForShe on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more.

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