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    Kelly Clarkson Is Finally Going To Record The Soul Album We've All Been Waiting For

    Plus, she's making some of her best covers available for free download, because Kelly is just the best.

    In a Facebook Live video, Kelly Clarkson announced to her fans that she will be recording a "soulful record" with her new label, Atlantic Records.

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    This is actually the first time since winning American Idol in 2002 that Kelly has been able to choose her own label.

    Kelly described her post-Idol relationship with RCA as "kind of an arranged marraige," and that she was "super excited about all the people she got to work with."

    Facebook: kellyclarkson

    Kelly also noted about working with RCA that "While it was awesome sometimes, sometimes it was rough."

    Although she leaves with no hard feelings, Kelly is happy to announce that for the first time in her career, she is able to choose who she wants to work with.

    Facebook: kellyclarkson

    Kelly told fans, "Atlantic Records was, like, just overwhelmingly inspired by me and excited to work with me."

    With this new partnership, comes the freedom to finally make the soul album she's always dreamed of recording.

    Facebook: kellyclarkson

    "Everybody's been asking me to make a soulful record for years. And while we've always had soulful influences on my records, we've never actually made a soulful record. So, that is what Atlantic Records and I are about to do."

    And, because she is the Goddess of Covers, Kelly commemorated the moment with a live cover of fellow Atlantic artist Ben E. King's "Stand By Me," which was of course, flawless.

    But wait! There's more! Kelly is giving away free downloads of some of her favorite covers on a new website,

    Facebook: kellyclarkson

    Right now there are four songs available for free, but the site will be updated at least once a month. Kelly was excited to tell fans, "The last Friday of every month we're gonna be giving away free stuff. Regardless if it's songs or content or whatever it may be."

    Keep being awesome, Kelly!

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