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This 11-Year-Old Took A Stand Against Internet Bullying By Reading Hurtful YouTube Comments

"I wanted to show others who might have been bullied that they can be strong and stand up against it."

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Josh Fairbanks and his son Logan make YouTube videos for fun. After seeing hurtful comments on their videos, Logan wanted to send a message to the haters and to others who have been bullied online. In a moving act of bravery, he read his own comments.

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Josh told BuzzFeed, "As someone who's been on the internet I knew that no matter what we posted, there would always be people saying horrible things just because they could do it anonymously from behind a computer monitor. Foolishly, I suppose, I thought I could shield him from the worst of the worst. For awhile I was able to do so, but after a few of our videos became popular, he would watch them on his own and see some of the horrible things being written to and about him."

After a video of Logan dancing in the shower went viral, Logan decided it was time to stand up to the cyberbullies. He had two main reasons. Reason one:

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And reason two:

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Logan recorded himself reading these comments for the first time.

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This is one strong young man.

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Logan told BuzzFeed, "My dad had warned me that people would be stupid and mean for no reason. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I've seen people say really mean things to really nice people for no reason. I wondered if the people saying those things had ever watched someone read them."

The comments got meaner and more personal...

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And keep in mind that these comments are about an 11-year-old kid.

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Logan added, "I also wanted to show others who might have been bullied that they can be strong and stand up against it. There are so many bullies, at school, online, everywhere, and I just wanted to stand up and be strong for those who feel they can't be."

Logan's birthday is coming up on July 27. His dad, Josh, told BuzzFeed that the exposure of this video will be a celebration in honor of Logan's courage.

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Logan's message is so simple, but so important.

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