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You Have To Watch Lisa Kudrow And Courteney Cox Nailing Some "Friends" Trivia

It's nice to see Monica still has that competitive edge.

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Oh. My. God. Monica and Phoebe, aka Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, played a fun bonus round for the Celebrity Name Game audience, and the category was Friends.

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Celebrity Name Game / Via

Lisa appeared on a recent episode of the show, and Courteney is an executive producer.

Seeing Lisa yell out "Smelly Cat!" just warms the heart, doesn't it?

Celebrity Name Game / Via

And here's Monica, I mean Courteney, doing her best to get Lisa to guess "Ugly Naked Guy."

Celebrity Name Game / Via

So close!

I mean, it was 20 years ago, people!
Celebrity / Via

I mean, it was 20 years ago, people!

But the best part was when the ladies did some impressions. First up, we have Lisa giving us her best Joey Tribbiani.

Celebrity Name Game / Via

And then Courteney NAILED David Schwimmer as sad Ross.

Celebrity Name Game / Via

We could watch this forever, TBH.

Monica and Pheebs, forever.

Celebrity Name Game / Via

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