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Iranian Women Are Showing Off Their Hair As An Act Of Protest And It Is A Very Big Deal

This is a remarkably beautiful act of bravery.

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Since 1979, all women in Iran have been required to cover their hair in public.

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In 2014, approximately 3.6 million women in Iran were warned, fined, or arrested by the morality police for inappropriate dress, according to Esmail Ahmadi-Maghaddam, head of the national security forces in Iran.

Growing up in Iran, Masih saw her older brother as a symbol of the freedom she did not have, she says in a film published by Vox.

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"How he was free to run in a green, lovely farm without headscarf," she says in the video.


Today, she is constantly impressed by the diversity and freedom she sees around her, living in the United States.

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"I love that!" she says. "Two women with headscarves, and two women without head scarves. Look at how they are free! They just, you know, walk past each other without judging each other. Without getting arrested by the morality police. Isn't that beautiful?"


Many of the messages she receives from young Iranian women express their desire to "feel the wind through their hair. It's a simple demand."

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