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    Beauty Guru Kandee Johnson Shares Some Tips For Keeping Your Face Tight And Fit

    Facial fitness is a real thing, people!

    YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson shares some facial fitness exercises as a Lead Beauty Contributor for Glamour Magazine.

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    Glamour Magazine / Via

    The first exercise is "The Hulk," which aims to tighten up your neck and chin area.

    Glamour Magazine / Via

    Hold this position for about 10 seconds.

    Next up, we have "The Chin Fist."

    Glamour Magazine / Via

    Place a fist under your chin and push upwards, while also pushing down with your jaw for resistance. Hold this for 10 seconds.

    Then, there's the "Pursed-Lip DuckFace," to help combat smile lines.

    Glamour Magazine / Via

    For this one, make a little smile and purse your lips at the same time, while simultaneously making a duck face.

    Get rid of crow's feet with "The Crow's Feet Sad Boy."

    Glamour Magazine / Via

    Place your pointer fingers on the spot where you get crow's feet and your middle fingers next to your nose. Hold the skin taught while you "smize with your eyes." Do this small movement 10 times.

    For all eight exercises, and more in-depth instructions, watch the whole video here.