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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring a pug's day at a baseball game, Fight Club for kids, and your grandparents at Bonnaroo.

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Try Guys Try Wedding Dresses

"Eugene's going to look prettier than any of us." Watch the video and decide for yourself which Try Guy wore it best. (3:47)

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Pups At The Park!

Gizmo T. Pug had the best day ever at Dodger Stadium. Get the pug's-eye view of "Pups At The Park" day 2k15! (1:56)

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Cilantro Haters Unite!

You are not the only one who thinks cilantro tastes like soap. This episode of SciShow lets SCIENCE explain that gross taste. (2:53)

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Stop-Motion Karate Awesomeness

This is just the coolest. The brilliant folks at CorridorDigital made this incredible stop-motion karate video that is both silly and mind-blowing. (1:38)


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The Secret Lives Of Babies

Nap time = PARTY TIME! Babies Mariah and Beckham were supposed to be napping, but a hidden camera revealed that these two cuties have NO TIME for that. (2:55)

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Old People At Bonnaroo

“Our children and grandchildren are so impressed.” Watch what happened when Funny Or Die found four brave souls, all over the age of 70, to check out Bonnaroo this year. (5:11)

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Free Haircuts For The Homeless

"Clean Cut, Clean Start." Nasir Sobhani aka “The Street Barber” might be the coolest barber ever. PLGRM recently documented the amazing story of how he changed his own life and is changing the lives of so many others.

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Horsing Around Club

Fight Club... For Kids? Mashable got Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, to present a child-friendly version of his book, and it’s absolutely amazing. (2:58)

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This Living Room Got TURNT UP

Parenting done right. Austynn Samarco and her dad Josh are the ultimate father/daughter dance team. Please, watch them Whip, watch them Nae Nae. (1:47)

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