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    9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

    Featuring sexy grandmas, the derpiest corgi ever, and a hilarious Jurassic Park parody from Sesame Street.

    Way Better Than Cake!

    Nostalgia alert! BuzzFeed told these employees that they were participating in a birthday cake taste test, but instead surprised them with their favorite childhood toy. (2:55)

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via

    Full Tilt Ahead

    San Francisco is really hilly. With a simple tilt of the camera, viral filmmaker Karen Cheng created this incredible visual illusion that will melt your mind. No special effects necessary. (1:42)

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    karenxcheng / Via

    Summer Is Coming.

    Break out the yoga mats and razors, ladies! This video hilariously illustrates the drastic measures women take to get ready for summer. And the zero measures guys take. (1:36)

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    CHIX Productions / Via

    Someone Get This Kid A Paper Towel!

    Poor little Nash. The lil' guy stepped in some dog poo with his bare feet and did not handle it well. I guess nobody told him it's supposed to be good luck! (1:00)

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    Mikkirenia / Via

    The Struggle Is Real

    DERP! This corgi is really trying to get that tennis ball, bless his little heart. (0:20)

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    chrwaa / Via

    I Can Haz One Of Ur Babies?

    TWO BABIES?! This woman completely loses her sh*t when she finds out that her sister is going to have twins. (5:39)

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    MissJill / Via

    Get It, Abuela!

    It's about to get weird. And hilarious. BuzzFeed got some latin grandmas to give sex advice to their grandchildren, and it is pretty much the best. (3:23)

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via

    Jurassic Cookie

    The brilliant minds at Sesame Street have done it again. Cookie Monster stars in this spot-on Jurassic Park parody, perfectly titled Jurassic Cookie. (5:10)

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    Sesame Street / Via


    We all want to be Shirley Clements when we grow up. Watch this badass 60-year-old teacher completely crush this amazing hip-hop dance. (1:39)

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    Artistic Edge Dance Academy / Via

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