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27 Breathtaking Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Bouquet

You are definitely not going to want to toss any of these at your reception.

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2. Capture that fairy-tale magic with a woodsy pine cone bouquet.

Instagram: @itshannahgambleyall

6. Go to your happy place with this delicate Lego creation.

Instagram: @littlemissbowie

7. Or fulfill your childhood dreams with this bold Duplo statement piece.

Instagram: @azallea_artistry

8. Check out this dreamy seashell bouquet, perfect for a beachside wedding.

10. OMG this gorgeous piece of art is made out of doorknobs. DOORKNOBS!

Instagram: @iheartbuttonsbouquets

15. And this explosion of charms is whimsical AF.

22. Rock some sparkle with a dazzling brooch bouquet.

Instagram: @broochbouquetsbynicolasacicero

23. Or keep it simple with one oversize paper flower.

Instagram: @fioribelle

26. Go beyond succulents ā€” a gorgeous artichoke heart can feed your soul.

Instagram: @twigandolive