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These Tweets About Kids Renaming Random Things Prove That Kids Are Way Smarter Than Us

Would you rather ride in a boring old elevator or in an uppy room?

Bestselling author Tessa Dare recently shared this tweet about the awesome name her friend's kid gave to a simple crow.

My friend’s 5-year-old just saw a crow and called it a “Halloween eagle.” And a child shall lead us. It is known. This is the new name for the bird-formally-known-as-crow. You know what to do, @MerriamWebster.

Naturally, Twitter did its thing — resulting in the most delightful thread of the perfect names kids have given to everyday things.

1. You'll never look at a cactus the same way.

2. Can you think of anything cooler than a battle unicorn?

3. Well, this is certainly the most elegant way to put it.

4. I'd much rather ride in an uppy room.

5. If the uppy room is full, you can always ride the robot stairs.

6. Because penguins are just as wise!

7. And now you will never not call them "pizza bones."

8. Looks like it's time for Kraft to re-brand a classic.

9. Welp. This is just adorable.

10. I've heard the Boston Symphony has an excellent tooty parp section this season.

11. Deodorant makers, listen up — this is a real marketing opportunity right here.

12. This sounds like the beginning of a new hipster movement.

13. Isn't this what every parent calls these things?

14. Sometimes it's just the most obvious thing to say.

15. Didn't the Flamingo Witches play Coachella last year?

16. You can always substitute "coffee peanut" or "soda peanut."

17. This makes total sense. It's been pull-it paper all along!

@TessaDare @MerriamWebster @ 4yrs old my daughter called toilet paper ... pull-it-paper she thought that’s what everybody was saying whenever they said toilet paper. In her head it made sense because you pull it. So now me and my husband still call it pull-it-paper to this day my daughter is now 22 😂

18. Children are pure of heart and they can see things that we cannot.

19. This 5-year-old is operating on a whole different level.

20. The loveliest and realest definition of dreams.

21. All hail the tiny king of literal names for everyday things.

22. And finally, we need a little more "happy at you" in the world.