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Here's 14 Crazy Cute Animal Vines You Should Follow Right Now

Prepare for maximum squee.

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1. Norbert. / Via

If you're not already following Norbert on Vine, what are you even doing with your life? Follow him right now, here.

2. Bikke the chip. / Via

More OMG tiny chipmunk cuteness here.

3. Wheezer. / Via

Fall in love with Wheezer here.

4. Marny The Dog / Via

Follow Marnie's adorably derpy adventures here.

5. Stella & Stanley / Via

Get to know this brother and sister kitty duo here.

6. Satomi / Via

Get wise to this beautiful creature here.

7. Mochi the Pug / Via

Snuggle up to this sweet pup here.

8. vivi_owl / Via

Yes, you need another owl in your life. Follow Vivi here.

9. San Diego Zoo / Via

See all sorts of cute baby animals here.

10. BigCatDerek / Via

Catch up with Derek and his brood of tigers here.

11. Sara the Sheep Lady / Via

Sara is a Sheep Rancher, and you can follow her and her cuties here.

12. Beau / Via

Treat yourself to this golden boy here.

13. Marutaro The Hedgehog / Via

Get obsessed here.

14. Bubblebeccapugs / Via