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11 Reasons Alita: Battle Angel Is The Badass Heroine We Need Today

From the visionary film-makers behind Avatar and Titanic comes the jaw-dropping spectacle that is Alita: Battle Angel. Don't miss it in cinemas 14 Feb.

1. First off, it's refreshing to see a futuristic action thriller with a badass woman as the hero.

2. Make no mistake: This is a big spectacle event, which delivers all the epic thrills and effects you'd expect from a James Cameron movie (like Avatar).

3. But what's more surprising – and welcome – is how much care the filmmakers have given to Alita's journey.

4. Alita is a powerhouse in action. She will stop at nothing to save her world.

5. Unlike women in many action movies, she's not there to be rescued by men or be a prize that men "win".

6. Alita, the "battle angel" of the movie's title, is on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

7. She doesn't tolerate injustice and fights for what is right. Her battle scenes are absolutely epic – unlike anything you've seen before.

8. She's fighting to change the world.

9. It's a movie about a woman becoming who she's truly meant to be...

10. ...and loving who she's truly meant to love.

11. And it's that layer of depth – along with edge-of-your-seat cinematic action showcasing her ultimate warrior skills – that makes Alita: Battle Angel a very 2019 heroine.

Check out the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel here. And then see it in cinemas 14 Feb.

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